About to hit Half….2017 slow down will ya?

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Here we are about to hit 6 months into this year. Doesn’t it seem like it just started? It’s not that I don’t look forward to the warmer weather of spring and summer. More sun! Keep it coming! The thing is, all those goals are getting less time as it sprints onward. Am I maximizing […]

Air’s Hot Pillar

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There are some changes going on. Are you the leaf or the spiral of movement? Which am I? Can I pick up steam where others are already headed? Can I hitch a ride on some of that hot air to get myself going even if our path’s connect only briefly? I want! Vocalize. Revolutionize with […]

Who Wants…

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Who wants change just for change sake? I want deliberate change that furthers the purpose that isn’t exclusive to only one point of view. Oh and would it be okay if we didn’t have them all piece meal as in a change here, a change there, everywhere a change change? I don’t mean to be […]


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Called down for sharing. Too bad! “You can’t make me.” <-direct quote from my own kid. Maybe I reveal too much but maybe I don’t reveal enough? If I were revealing more, would our world be a better place or would I just have more headaches? Maybe I trade one for the other. I’m not […]