Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms, clues, spots,
A look that disappears within seconds.
A slight change of color,
The lingering of hesitation,
The quickness just a little more sudden,
The blind look just a little listless,

Bumps that rise and resurface with stress,
Clouds that reveal themselves thin and smoky at first,
The sight of respiration in the form of condensation,
The sniff and drip, sleeve damp
Cheeks no longer pinkish but flush with deeper color
Heat that radiates from within in the suggestion of fever.

Fear surfaces.
Red flags, stop signs, traffic lights
Heed or ignore?
Indicators that show themselves in ribbons and bows
Otherwise in a tangled mess.
Another form of camouflage
Shape shifted
A wall paper in the form of flower
Is it just that
Or are we headed for dark and cold weather?

Is that dread around the corner?
The one that shadows the light andsymptoms
Disrupts schedules and plans
The one that smells of something not quite right
Just before the awful stink.
Can we put our finger on it?
Did we see the signs?
Could we have stopped it anyway.

Come hell or high water.
Is the water rising? What if we get wet?
Bathing in warm clean water, hot tea in hand.
Shove it back.
It cannot come through.
Give a hand, put your finger right there,
The dike will hold.

Surely it would. Pray.
Flood it. Flood it with soup.
Flood it with information.
Buy what you need.
Soothe it. But where is the “boo boo”?

It’s there! Target attained.
Nope, mirage.
Take a deep breath and try again.
New view point,
Start from the bottom.

Foundation of solid ground,
Back to basics,
Building blocks, knock the rotten ones down.
Start again.

Tidal wave coming,
Knocked back into another path
Where are you?
Can you go through the list?
Back to Basics.

Changes subtle.
Reaching out a helping hand,
Taking a helping hand.
Not realizing that vice is versa.
Getting it,

Understanding, even if for a moment,
Glimmer and fade just after the bright light.
Warm and balmy,
Gentle breeze and water recedes.