Who am I? Clues=>me 2012

I’m an exploring writer that could be passed off as a dilettante.

…But that would be a mistake.

With a background in industrial engineering, the questions that I grapple with deal with systems, words, numbers, and patterns in the macro and micro. When patterns of story are applied, the complexities come out in spades. I live in the gray area wanting to do more work than time allows.

Like everyone else, I have several balls to juggle and I fight the fight to keep them all in balance. Five years ago, it was different balls that were easier to manage. That’s the dynamic of life.

How do you get the beauty that sits in your head down on paper so that others see it? Not as simple as it sounds. Which parts to I actually want to reveal? Not as simple as it sounds. As I get older, I get bolder. The things I gave a sh## about before don’t matter as much. Will truth find it’s way out? Only if I sit and practice…

A good memory is a blessing and a curse.


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