Candles again?

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Back to Basics is an old theme that needs brushing off. Tools are organized and tests are commencing… I’m a little excited to try a few new things. Smashing old notions and starting new traditions! Soy Wax Melts poured with Bergamot Essential oil. A couple of test candles were poured at the same time. Beeswax […]

Signs and Symptoms

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Symptoms, clues, spots, A look that disappears within seconds. A slight change of color, The lingering of hesitation, The quickness just a little more sudden, The blind look just a little listless, Bumps that rise and resurface with stress, Clouds that reveal themselves thin and smoky at first, The sight of respiration in the form […]

Recognized Voice

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[Repost from 2012] It occurs to me that it is a recognized voice, unexpected from its origin. Poison. Instead of the curse words that surface and shouldn’t be said, I wonder how I should respond with more description. I need a peacock to suck out the poison so that it’s feather plumes can transform it […]